If I Were Crazy Rich… On Printing Food

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

If I Were Crazy Rich…

We’ve just finished our Writers for Dinner Molecular Gastronomy experiment (watch for the write-up soon!). I felt very fancy/nerdy, using sodium citrate to turn fancy cheese into fancy Velveeta and agar agar to turn balsamic vinegar into “pearls.” In fact, until I read this article by A.J. Jacobs  in The New York Times this morning, I was feeling very cutting-edge. Now, of course, I’m feeling very yesterday’s news. Like I won’t really be cooking at the height of nerdy goodness until I can make a 3D printed dinner.

I’m fascinated by the hope of a post-scarcity future, like the one portrayed in (pre-J.J. Abrams, let’s-make-the-future-just-as-awful-as-the-present-but-with-fancier-things-with-which-to-wage-war) Star Trek . The replicators always seemed to me like the best part of that future… one in which nobody went hungry because of poverty or crop failure or drought. I’d like to think that what is clearly now a frivolous play-thing will one day be the reason no one starves.

But it’s hard to see Italy-shaped pizza saving the world.


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