Want to Kill Your Blog?

Posted: June 9, 2011 in creative nonfiction, science fiction, writing

Promise to write a post about the difference that winning a Pushcart Prize has made to your writing life.  Everything you write will sound pretentious and awful, and after a few weeks, it will just be easier to decide you’re not writing that particular blog any longer.

The insightful and kind Brian Kornell from Ninth Letter got me over that block by asking the same question in an interview.  You can find it here:


Thank you, Brian and Ninth Letter!

It’s been a banner week or so.  The annual Redstone Science Fiction contest is underway.  You can read my introductory essay here:


…and then my defense of the contest here:


I’m excited that the summer isn’t, as my summers tend to do, passing by without my getting anything done.

  1. Awesome interview with Ninth Letter, Sarah! I learn so much from you. When do I get to attend YOUR writing workshop? 😉

  2. sarahemc2 says:

    Sherry.. when you convince Cathy and Susan to hire me? Or, you know, any old time you want to come spend a week kicking around Athens, Ohio! (Well, not any old time, I won’t be there until September. But any old time after that!)

  3. Hope you have a black turtleneck. You’re gonna need it.

  4. sarahemc2 says:

    “A” black turtleneck? I have an entire dresser drawer devoted to them! Don’t you?

  5. I’m pre-Pushcart, so my wardrobe is still in the fusty disreputable-sweatpant, emerging writer stage.

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