On Blog Rot…

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, it’s been a long time since I posted anything… and even longer since I posted anything that wasn’t meant to win me a free CD. (Thanks, le R!) But I thought I’d go through the short list, at least, of what’s been happening. So here is my life in bullet points:

    Got a divorce
    Won a Pushcart Prize
    Got a boyfriend
    Got short-listed by Best American Essays
    Managed to hold on to the boyfriend for more than three months, which I hear isn’t really supposed to happen with the first person you date after a divorce, so I’m counting it as an accomplishment–though it’s probably more his accomplishment than my own…
    Learned to ride a bike
    Did not manage to actually get out and ride the bike often enough to get good, or even comfortable at it (I guess I’m logging failures, too, in the interest of balance more than honesty)
    Had two essays published in one month in aspirational journals, Fringe and Pank
    Finally finished reading Gravity’s Rainbow…which I started reading in 1983

And there you have it, friends… the highlights. And now, back to blogging. Because I’ve missed it. And you.

  1. I’ve missed your blog, too! (Mine is in cold storage.) Keep those kimchi recipes comin’.

  2. Maine Character says:

    Wow – a voice rises from the depths (of my Reader list). I added you on back at your last entry, for that promised playlist, but I can see how would’ve forgotten that in all that’s gone on since.

    I read your essay at Fringe last week and was stunned. The segment about the boy who wasn’t quite right was devastating, and the history teacher one ended on such a perfect note. Didn’t see the Pank one, but will get to it soon.

  3. Steve Butler says:

    I guess I’m “still” reading Gravity’s Rainbow too … started in ’87 … or do I actually have to have the book on-hand to qualify?

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