My New Kindle…

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

There is much sturm and drang in the book world about the rise of the e-reader. It was with a fair amount of trepidation that I broke down and bought myself a Kindle, but I am VERY glad that I did. It came at exactly the right moment for me to appreciate it fully; I had just finished the book I was reading but was snowed in and could not go and get the one I wanted to read next. Thanks to my Kindle, I spent the day with mugs of tea and The Children’s Book instead of rereading something from my recently denuded bookshelves. (Nothing like a move and two flights of outdoor steps in the snow to make you pair down your book collection!)

The learning curve is steeper than it should be… Amazon has abandoned almost every principle of Information Architecture and put things in some very counter-intuitive places. Maybe that was on purpose. I most definitely do not feel like I am reading on a computer screen. I have the newest, smallish version–I don’t travel overseas enough to spring for the larger one–and it is the perfect size. I find it easy to read, it fits well inside my big, black, old lady handbag, and it holds a charge for much longer than I would have expected. I strongly recommend buying a cover for it; I found it attracts dog hair and lint like nobody’s business without it.

I was able to buy two of the three books I have been meaning to read, and the one I wasn’t able to buy seems to be a temporary casualty of the recent brouhaha with McMillan. The two books I did buy–Wench and The Children’s Book are recent, and so well-indexed. A friend tells me that older books that are not specifically formatted for the Kindle can be hard to navigate.

Once the roads are clear and I can make it to my office, I will load up the PDFs for my Metadrama class and see if it really is capable of managing those in a useful way. Stay tuned for a more thorough review!

  1. Sherry says:

    ooooooh I’m jealous. My friend Polly loves her Kindle–she uses it for all the flying she does (to cool dive trips which I won’t mention). Congratulations! You’re on the cutting edge of the New Publishing Frontier. And the planet’s forests thank you.

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