Back to Blogging…

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

There are several really good reasons to stop blogging. It bores you. It bores other people. It interferes with your cocktail hour. You fail to let it interfere with your cocktail hour and accidentally post the one thing you promised your mother you would never, ever write about.

Or, you start teaching Freshman Composition.

Here is the thing about teaching Freshman Comp. The students–who cannot themselves spell, use punctuation correctly, or write a thesis statement–have the uncanny ability to identiy every little grammatical error and rhetorical flaw in an instructor’s blog. They will print out blog posts and bring them to class with things circled in red pen. Sometimes, the circles will have been drawn by their great aunts who taught English for a thousand years in one room school houses on the prairie and sent each and every one of their students on to Harvard.

They will also read about your picking up a homeless guy and giving him a ride back to town or stealing the neighbor’s berries and assume you are much, much more cool than you actually are, so you will be a great disappointment to them. But, then again, you were going to be that no matter what you did.

Anyway… next semester I am moving on to teach English 102, where the students are both too hung over and too jaded to even check my rankings on, much less correct my grammar. So I’m back!



  1. Beth says:

    Good news for me.

    Peace out, girl scout!

  2. Debby says:

    Welcome back.

  3. I went to a two room school house in New England. Those one room people on the prairies have all the luck and all the fame.

  4. sarahemc2 says:

    Thanks, Beth!
    Hi, Debby!
    Ellie, LOL!

  5. Dody says:

    Oh – yes! Proof reading your own blog post is HARD! I always find a gazillion little dreadfulness’. But – you are never boring. You can always correct my posts, because I write like a musician who plays by ear and can’t read music, I am a grammatical horror!

  6. sarahemc2 says:

    Dody, uhm… I don’t even do a good job correcting my English 101 students. I mean, how do I know that they didn’t WANT to have a sentence fragment instead of a full sentence? I choose fragment over full all the time. Besides, I’ve read your writing long enough to know you do NOT need copy editing. You have a great voice and perfectly fine grammar. (Okay, at least you have fine grammar as far as I can tell… a West Virginia childhood is not for nothing.)

  7. Mike Ray says:

    Excellent. I know the feeling. After I rip apart a stack of AP History essays, the chances of any typo I make on my notes or on a test going unnoticed are approaching 0.

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