Pawpaw Chutney

Posted: September 6, 2008 in food, Morgantown, recipes, Sarah Einstein, West Virginia
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The man behind us has a small grove of pawpaw trees, and has given me permission to pick a few off the ground so I can gather the seeds and try to start a few trees of my own.  This will be tricky.  Pawpaws are finicky trees.  The seed will have to be kept in refridgerator for at least 90, but not more than 120, days.  Each seedling will have to start out in a pot, and we don’t have a greenhouse.  But I am set on following through with the directions provided by The Calofornia Rare Fruit Growers.

Because all I need are the seeds, I have a lot of pawpaw flesh left over.  It has a taste somewhere between a banana and a mango, so I’m trying it in a mildly hot chutney made with vinegar, cloves, star anice, tumeric, Indian chilis, and jaggery.  It seems to have come out well, although it’s still cooling.  If it is good enough, I’ll make samosas.  If not, we’ll eat it with kofta curry.  Either way, there is something a little more magical about a meal made with wild foods.

  1. Kathy says:

    Good luck! Hope your trips to the paw paw patch yield some trees.

  2. wow fascinating. sounds interesting.

  3. inktarsia says:

    What about some pawpaw dessert kimchi? 😉

  4. sarahemc2 says:

    The final verdict: Good use of pawpaws, which when they come, come all at once. But not a good enough use to send me to the farmer’s market in search of them. No, this is for pawpaws-from-a-neighbors-tree and not wild-produce-at-yuppie-prices. Mango chutney’s weak sister.

    And, Sherry, now that you mention it… I’m headed out to see if there are any in the alleyway. They might actually make a very good “white” kimchi. Why didn’t I think of that?

  5. inktarsia says:

    Maybe pawpaw salsa sorbet with ramp kimchi relish on the side. Reserve the relish for undergrads who don’t finish their papers on time. Hope your semester is sailing along.

  6. Sally says:

    My paw paw trees are producing much more than I can use. Wish I knew someone who wanted them.

    BTW, I started my two trees from little plants I mail ordered in. I also transplanted them once – which isn’t supposed to work. I have bushels of them right now.

  7. sarahemc2 says:

    Other people have told me that they’ve had good luck with greenhouse-started paw paw trees… but I really want the progeny of THESE trees. His paw paws are much more mango-y than most, and not mealy at all.

    But bushels of paw paws is A LOT of paw paws. I can’t imagine what you’d do with that many!

  8. Thanks for the Samosas recipe. Based on my experience the real secret to making excellent Samosas is in the way you create the the filling. If the filling is soft, half the battle is won.

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