Four Thoughts, Mid-Convention

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
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  • Graciousness is perhaps the greatest defense we have against approbation.  It erases past bad acts more cleanly than confession.
  • We Democrats can not stand on pragmatism alone.  It’s not the necessity of our platform that will compel the undecided, but the moral appeal of it.  We can ignore the plight of the returning veteran, the uninsured child, the planet.  We know this because we are ignoring them now.  The argument can not be that we must do something about these wrongs, but that we should do something about them.  It’s time for those better angels of our nature to come out of their long, deep slumber and join in civic discourse once again.
  • Very few people over forty can look cool when they dance.  If they are holding signs, wearing funny hats, or dressed in sloganeering t-shirts, the likelihood of coolness seems to drop even further. 
  • John McCain is frighteningly willing to steal other people’s voices and turn them into puppets:  Paris Hilton, Jackson Brown, Hillary Clinton.  All people who have appeared in his campaign ads, all people who have repudiated his cooptation.  Watch this.  A man who will steal another’s right to speak for themselves is a dangerous man indeed, and perhaps the least fit man we can imagine to hold the office of the President.
  1. James says:

    Oh Sarah,

    You are such a true believer. What happened to your cynicism? It should not fade with age. Your description of the convention is appropos, and applies to the Minnesota convention as well. Can’t you see that they are the sheep from “Animal Farm”? Both crowds eagerly bleated meaningless slogans. Both candidates promised change…yes, and what kind of change? More government, more taxes, less liberty, less disposable income, more meaningless wars of their choosing? They are the two-headed Big Brother, shoving more of the same down the throats of a less self-reliant and evermore uneducated, ignorant, apathetic, pliable populace in a Four Day Hate.

    We are where we are NOT because of eight years of poor stewardship, but 100 years of a growing monolithic leviathan state. Change will not come from these pathetic partisan groups. It is in their self-interest to maintain the status quo and feed the stifling socialist beast. Most Americans will only choose to decide who gets largest share of the largesse, stolen from their neighbors. They have not the understanding of history or economics to question whether or not we have perverted the system designed by Jefferson, Madison, Adams and others.

    Our future rests in the hands of those unquestioning dancing sheep in funny hats. Once you understand that, the rest is meaningless philosophical feces.


  2. sarahemc2 says:

    Here, dear James, is the problem with me: I have realized that, come the revolution, I’m more likely to be in front of, rather than behind, the gun.

    There will, and should, be revolution. It will, and should, topple the bloated monster that is what has become of our once beautiful experiment in government for the people, by the people. You won’t get me to deny that.

    But I am middle-aged woman with land she thinks is hers, an easy life by anyone’s standards, and I am pretty sure that come the revolution, those things will change.

    It isn’t that I don’t understand. It’s that I do.

    Which makes me more cynical, even, than you. And, perhaps, a really terrible person.

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