No Undergrads Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog Post…

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Sarah Einstein, West Virginia, writing
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One of my classrooms is no longer a classroom, but a locked storage closet for textbooks.  These must be very important textbooks, because neither the janitor nor the building supervisor has a key.  Even the ROTC guys, who really “own” that part of the building, can’t open it. 

So I taught outside, on old stone steps that lead to a walkway that doesn’t exist anymore.  I yelled over first-day-of-school traffic, with its beeping horns and the occassional squeal of breaks as someone discovers the idiosyncratic way in which we let our streets become one-way all of a sudden and with very little signage.  This is West Virginia.  If you aren’t from here, what the hell are you doing driving on our streets anyway?  The students were gracoius.  All of my students have been gracious and eager and interesting and funny and people I would like to know just for the sake of knowing them.

The more experienced GTAs tell me this is both impossible and quite obviously the sign of some strange sort of first-day psychosis.  I think they are wrong.  I gave an assignment to be turned in by Wednesday, and said they had the option of emailing these to me.  I already have half of them,  and they are interesting stories about complicated people who do lovely things.

I think the only conclusion that can possibly be drawn is that I got all the best English 101 students, either by some statistical fluke in the university’s registration program or (as I prefer to think) some unmeasurable kindness on the part of the universe. 

I am a lucky, lucky person.  Thanks, Universe!


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