Dinty W. Moore on Blake Butler on Literary Citizenship

Posted: August 15, 2008 in creative nonfiction, Sarah Einstein, writing
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Dinty Moore, nonfictionist, blogged about Blake Butler, fictionist, havng blogged “in a most excellent fashion recently about the need to be a positive karmic force in the world of literary citizenship.”  So, in the spirit of the ethic of spreading the literary love,* I am sending you first to Brevity’s Creative Nonfiction Blog and hoping that you will go from there to Blake Bulter’s to read the original post in full.**

So, to continue the love chain even further, I’ll borrow from Bulter and post three things I’ve read in the last few days that I really enjoyed (it’s morning, I haven’t read three things yet today):

Tell Me Something by Michelle Cacho-Negrete in the latest edition of The Sun.

This Is Not Warm and Fuzzy by Noel Dunn in the latest edition of Fringe.

My Darlings by Renee K. Nicholson at The Cerebral Catalyst.

Pass it on!


*Yep, they are letting me teach Freshman English despite my twisty grammar and utter disregard for the conventions of rhetoric. 

**Okay, it’s also true that I am unable, as one of Lucy’s many parents, for force myself to link to Blake Butler’s blog post because of the title.  Be a good literary citizen, go there, and you’ll see why.  I know it doesn’t refer to MY Lucy, but still…

  1. inktarsia says:

    Thanks for the link in the love chain. It’s a beaut. Kathy’s been sharing the love all along. And I’d give a shout-out to Agnes Smith Lewis, but she died in 1926.

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