Two Years…

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today is my second wedding anniversary. I have said it to people I don’t know well several times in the past few days, “Wednesday is my second anniversary,” for the usual reasons: …and I would like a reservation at your restaurant, or …so I won’t be at the committee meeting. They always assume they have misheard me, and repeat some other number. “Your twenty-second anniversary, did you say?” Or, “Seven years, be careful of that old seven year itch!” I am, it’s clear, not someone others imagine to be a newlywed.

It’s been a good two years. We get along easily, though we both have a passle of exes who would be surprised to hear it. But we are mellower versions of the people they knew; we are slower to anger, quicker to tire, and more willing to compromise. And while there are still days when I feel tethered, and also days where he feels like the only responsible adult in the house, for the most part we are very happy. Marriage didn’t set well with me in my twenties or thirties, but it seems a perfect way to live in my forties. Or maybe it has nothing to do with the decade, maybe it’s the man I chose this time around. I don’t know.

But it’s working, so I should probably not use the anniversary as a reason to poke it with a sharp stick.

  1. Kathy says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congratulations! My fourth is coming up next month, shortly after I entered my 40’s. I get you.

  3. inktarsia says:

    We share the same wedding date, 12 years apart. 😉

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