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Posted: June 13, 2008 in News, Sarah Einstein, Tim Russert
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I’ve just heard, and most likely you’ve just heard–or are just hearing–that Tim Russert died this afternoon at the age of 58. 

That doesn’t sound right.  For years, I’ve been breathing easier, having been told by a doctor friend, “If men make it past 50 then they are likely to make it to at least 70.”  Of course, “likely” is one of those words that doesn’t mean anything.  Still.  Scotti will be getting a particularly healthy dinner tonight and I plan on being a little less cavalier about his health from now on. 

I have a friend whose children are growing up in Alabama, where what are you? always means what church do you go to?  He has taught them to answer, “I am Meet The Press.”  Tim Russert was, he said, as close to hearing the truth on Sunday morning as his kids were going to get.

Where will my truth come from now? 

I can’t imagine who will step into his place, not only on the show, but in the culture at large.  I was stuck in a garage getting my tires changed a few weeks ago, and CNN was on the television. Normally, I avoid the 24-hour news circus like the plague, but it was either that or old issues of Field and Stream, so I watched.  When did our newscasters become ditzy?  When did cleavage become appropriate on an anchorperson?  And when did the news stop being about, well, the news?

Is Jon Stewart the closest thing we have to real journalist, now that Russert is gone?  If not, who is?  Tell me, please, because I’m starting to get frightened.

We have a huge election coming up, and the Fourth Estate is suddenly without it’s leader.  Where will we get our truth now?

  1. inktarsia says:

    Heard this news just before we left town – what a loss for reflective Americans. Felt the same way when I’d learned David Bloom had died. Loved “We are Meet the Press.” Guess we will have to head back to church somewhere.

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