Presents for Sidneys

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Art, Etsy, Sarah Einstein
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Sidneys like presents.  (So, in the interest of full disclosure, do Sarahs.)  But both Sidneys are notoriously hard to buy for because each pretty much gets what she wants.  Sidney-who-is-my-mother has the resources to be sure that both she and Sidney-who-is-my-niece pretty much never have to pine away for something they really, really want.  At least, nothing that they really, really want and that fits into my rather restricted budget. 

But this year May has both Mother’s Day and the weekend we celebrate Sidney-the-smaller’s second birthday at this strange place filled with bouncy castles and such.  (It also has Haven’s birthday in it, but she is easier to buy for, because in the rush to buy presents for her daughter Sidney, everyone pretty much just tosses her a gift certficiate and an e-card.)

For Sidney’s first Christmas, I gave her a stuffed animal of some sort that made noises and played music and lit up… the exact same stuffed animal with batteries that her next-door-neighbor gave her. But that will never happen again, because I have (belatedly) discovered Etsy.

Sidney's Birthday PresentEtsy is a kind of Ebay for all things handmade.  But that’s not exactly right, because there is no auction.  The prices are set.  It’s also a little like a museum… I log on far more often than I buy, just to look at the clever things people make.  This Purple Big-Eyed Plush Monster (which is for Sidney-my-niece, because Sidney-my-mother might get scared if this were in her bedroom when it was time to turn off the lights) was made by CurlyQCuties, whose monsters will no doubt be appearing in birthday packages, under Christmas trees, and beside Menorahs for many seasons of present giving to come.  These are so creative and fun… and they don’t come from Wal-Mart. 

Sidney-my-mother is also getting a gift from Etsy, but you won’t see it here.  She knows how to Google.

I tried my hand at selling things on Etsy… you can find my one, sad hat (made special for someone who never came to pick it up) by searching “hilltrash” on their site.  The rest of last year’s hats were given to folk at the homeless shelter for warmth.  I loved the hats I made out of recycled sari silk… but apparently every other person on the planet realized they were, perhaps, a little ugly.  Recently, my husband saw a picture of me wearing one of them. “Oh, look, it’s you in that hat.” 

Sometimes I think I’m the last living hippy in America.  Then I go to Etsy.  It’s not Burning Man, but it’s a small shot of the same kind of mojo.


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