Bruhaha: Miley Cyrus and James Frey

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Art, Morgantown, Photography, Pop Culture, Sarah Einstein, writing
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Vanity Fair is getting on my nerves.  First, they write a long apologia for the literary dickhead of the decade, James Frey.  At the same time, they are oddly silent about the photos of Miley Cyrus taken by Annie Leibowitz and, while the whole world clucks their collective tongue at the teenager and her father, they can’t seem to find anything worth adding to the conversation.

I am tired of bruhaha.

First, let’s all just go ahead and admit that Frey doesn’t matter, and never has.  The reason he’s gotten so much play has nothing to do with his book or it’s lack of veracity.  Show me one person who is genuinely shocked that a junkie lied for money.  Seriously.  We aren’t shocked or appalled, and we certainly aren’t more shocked or appalled than we are at Misha Defonseca, Margaret Seltzer, and Ishmael Beah.  I mean, they lied about important lives–Frey just lied about the extent to which he was a bad ass.  Which, it turns out, is easy to do because he’s not one.  So let’s all fess up folks.  We’re still talking about James Frey because it gives folk who like to think of themselves as above-all-that a chance to pick on Oprah. 

Vanity Fair wrote a shameful piece about Frey in this month’s issue.  The author attempts to turn him into an everyman, a victim of the New York publishing world and, even more bizarrely, of Oprah.  They seem to credit his account that he was tricked into his second appearance on the show, and that afterwards that he was told by Oprah, “I know it was rough, but it’s just business.”  Are you kidding?  When did Frey become a credible witness?  So let’s call the fray over Frey what it really is–the chance to engage in a little back-biting gossip about Oprah because, well, she isn’t Vanity Fair’s kind of person. 

And then there is the fresher, and even more ridiculous, bruhaha over Miley Cyrus’ pictures in this month’s edition.  Really, give me a break.  Everyone keeps asking this teenager and her father–who happens to be the same sort of hill trash as me, from the same part of Appalachia–what they were thinking.  I can tell you what they were thinking.  “Annie Leibovitz is one hell of a photographer.”  They were thinking, “When you get an offer to do a photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz, you rely on her judgement, because she’s a frigging genius.”  Isn’t that what you’d be thinking?  Would you have the balls to edit Annie Leibovitz mid-shoot, to question her choices? 

I didn’t think so.

Vanity Fair has gotten old.  These silly contraversies have gotten old.  I’ve bought my last copy.  I can no longer pretend that this is anything but “The National Enquirer” for people who like their gossip to have glossy photos and big words. 

From now on, I’m sticking to The Sun

  1. Dody says:

    Here! Here! Well put! My first thought concerning the Miley Cyrus bruhaha was, “well, I guess they are plotting her morph from child star to young starlet ala Scarlett Johannsen and Drew Barrymore. I figure Hannah Montana only has a couple more seasons before the “audience” says adios and moves on. My daughter was little during the “Micky Mouse Club” and “Saved By The Bell” years that gave us Justin Timberlake and Brittany. When she grew up, she grew away and the shows disappeared. The same thing will happen to Hannah Montana and High School Musical. So, it seems to me they are positioning Miley for the next level. Yuck. Super Yuck.

    As for James Frey, he got what he deserved. There are no excuses. I am sick of drug addicts being glorified anyway. My sister is a druggie, and it has served to be a cancer in our family, a huge, throbbing tumor.

    Nice post, Sarah!!

  2. sarahemc2 says:


    Are you promising me High School Musical will go away? Please say that you are!

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