Choking on the Line…

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Sarah Einstein, West Virginia
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The bench watches in horror...I’m not a consistant sports fan.  During regular seasons–any regular seasons, the sport doesn’t matter–I rarely care.  The one exception is the Coal Bowl, an ill-conceived yearly gridiron brawl between Marshall and WVU.  I watch each year, hoping for one of those freakish underdog-miracles for Marshall, but it hasn’t come.  Maybe next year. 

But once WVU is in a championship game (again, the sport matters not), I am a trash-talking, jumping-off-the-couch-and-shouting-at-the-tv fan.  My father says it’s hypocritical.  I just think the stakes have to be pretty damn high before I can be made to care about a bunch of folk throwing a ball around. 

 Last night, the stakes were high.  It was a heart-breaking game for ‘eers fans.  From the lousy start, to the back-and-forth leads towards the end of the second quarter and through overtime, it was one of those games that wrings every last bit of energy out of even it’s spectators.

 Hardest, perhaps, to swallow is that we lost because we choke on the line every time.  I haven’t bothered to look up the statistics, but we couldnt’ sink a foul shot for love or money.  Like so many things these days, it seems we were defeated not by a lack of flash, but by a failure to grasp the fundamentals.  

So, this morning, I’m catching up on my own.  Heading out for a walk along the trail instead of settling in to read.  Getting serious about spring cleaning.  Getting out my red editing pen and putting on my “kill your darlings” t-shirt. 

Because I don’t want to be standing at the foul line, victory just a throw away, and let everyone know it’s been nothing but flash all along.

  1. kathyrhodes says:

    Ah! What an ending! To the post, that is. I’ve got to remember that one. As for the Sweet 16, my team lost last night, too. UT lost to Louisville because they couldn’t seem to sink that ball through the hoop and the net.

  2. Kat Nove says:

    Hey, Sarah. You’ve tapped into one of my pet peeves. Choking on the line. I NEVER watch college basketball because during March Madness I can’t stand to watch the players fall to the floor and sob. It’s too damn heartbreaking. But I’m a rabid NBA fan and if the Spurs beat some other team, I could care less if those guys are crying. Most of them wear a single earring worth more than I’ve ever made in my entire life so screw them! I can’t abide the fact that professonal players who make millions can’t hit a free throw. They should be fined (and the money sent to me) every single time they miss. Or their rap record deals should be cancelled. Oops! Did I type that out loud.?

    Of course, the deeper meaning of this little essay now means I have to get off my lazy ass and go walk the two miles I swore I’d do today. Thanks a bunch!

    You’re so much more than a flash.


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